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Give Me Another Bedgasm

Have you ever heard the term ‘bedgasm’?


Well, do you love a comfy luxurious bed?

I do! I’m all about my bedgasms. Like I’ve said before I really do keep myself busy. Business, university and single parenting can be tiresome at the best of times and the only thing that seems to revive my energies is to have an awesome bedgasm!

Bedgasms: a feeling of complete and utter euphoria which peaks when climbing into bed at the end of a long day.

Did you know that on average we spend a third of our lives in bed? Sleep is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. Well, to me that says that investing in a comfortable bed is essential to living a good life. So I prioritised my finances and chose a Viking style bed that even Lagertha would die for and luxurious sheets to match. I wanted the experience of entering the bed and slipping away under soft silky sheets and a doona that, was not too heavy but not too light.

IMG_8737Enhance Your Bedgasm

Time to spoil yourself! You can also enhance your bedgasm by incorporating some basic bedtime rituals into your current routine. Some of the things I use are aromatherapy, sleepy time teas and if you’re feeling like indulging, you could always have a bath before bed. Oh, this really does sound ideal. Sometimes my lack of prioritisation and time prevent me from doing all these wonderful things. So, I choose a quick fix one, which is usually aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is Easy

The term aromatherapy can sometimes spook people away as it sounds a little technical or even hippie to some. The truth is, a simple way to dodge the complicated information is to buy an essential oil blend and use 4-6 drops of your chosen essential oil in a diffuser. That way you don’t miss out if you are short for time. You can also use aromatherapy roll-on perfumes before bed. If you are feeling really stuck you can comment below and we can work together and find what blend is best for you.

Why aromatherapy? It takes a matter of seconds for aromas to enter the limbic system of the brain and influence your emotional and psychological being.

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