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Are you feeling forgetful? 3 Wellness Wednesday Tips

Are you always on the go and therefore forgetful? I’m definitely like that, which is why I always try and come up with solutions to help me remember things that I have to do. Here are 3 of my latest wellness tips for the forgetful people like me. Enjoy.

Do you always forget to take your supplements?

Love and Co Wellness Tips Iron BioceuticalsI often forget to take my supplements. At the moment I’m taking iron tablets to help treat my low iron stores. I enjoy my morning coffee so I don’t mix this supplement. You shouldn’t take iron with coffee as it affects the absorption rate. So, it’s a little pointless and a waste of money. To remind myself, I’ve positioned my iron supplement near my toothbrush. Surprise, surprise now I remember to take my supplements. It is always good to check with your Naturopath or Nutritionist whether your supplements have to be taken with food or just water.

How to find the time for exercise?

Love and Co Wellness Tips Apple IphoneAs a busy student, mum and entrepreneur finding time to exercise can be difficult. Even though I study the importance of exercise every day, I still struggle to find the time. So I’m giving myself a month to trial something new. So bare with me. I’ve filled in my weekly activities that are non flexible such as class hours, work hours and family time. After mapping it out, I have two days relatively free.  So for these two days I’ve set an alarm for 9:15am, called “EXERCISE”. It goes off just as I’m driving back from dropping my son off at school. Meaning I don’t even have to go home. I can go straight to the beach for a run or to the pool for a swim. So far it’s working. I’ll let you know how I’m going down the track.

Do you remember to drink a minimum of 2L of water a day?

Love and Co Wellness Tips Water Cheeki BottlesWater is essential for all our bodily functions and health. Most people don’t remember to drink 2 litres of water throughout the day. I have to admit I go through stages.  So my trick is to carry a 1 litre bottle around with me at all times. Once I have gone through 2 of these bottles I stop worrying about it.  Over time you’ll notice that throughout the day your body signals for water before you actually feel thirsty. Drink water before the headache sets in.  If your water is close to you then you’re likely to reach for it and take a sip. I usually catch up with drinking my water whilst I’m writing, sitting in class or driving.

Also by carrying your own bottle around you are helping to diminish the global plastic problem.

“ONE MILLION plastic bottles are bought EVERY MINUTE around the world — and that number will top half a TRILLION by 2021. Less than half of those bottles end up getting recycled.” Do your part and say no to plastic bottles! 

I am feeling very inspired to get posting more regularly. Every second Wednesday I would like to focus on all areas of wellness including physical, emotional and mental. I’ll chat about general Naturopathic hints to wellness and beauty tips. What do you want to learn more about? Please feel free to comment below.

Well that’s it for this Wednesday. I hope these hints have been helpful. Let me know how you go ❤

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